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Award-winning, energy-efficient hot tubs and accessories
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  1. #Whats Included#
    • Remove and inspect filter
    • Add a bio-film remover and shock dose for you internal plumbing
    • Soak your filter in our cleaning solution
    • Check the operation of all systems and jets
    • Drain down your Hot Tub
    • Rinse out your Hot Tub
    • Vac out any remaining water and debris
    • Rinse & dry your filter
    • Drain water form all components inc. heater
    • Loosen any screw fit joints
    • Plastic wrap lid if required
    • Isolate power supply so your spa can hibernate for the winter

    Hot Tub being serviced


3A Hallam Way,

Old Mill Lane lnd Est,

Mansfield Notts NG19 9BG UK


01623 66 11 11 

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