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Summer Package has everything you need to get your Hot Tub ready for the summer ahead. 



Winter Package has everything you need to make sure that you Hot Tub is safe through the winter.



Gold Package has every thing you need to bring your spa back to life.


Summer Tub Service

Getting your Hot Tub ready for the summer is no small task. With our Summer Service we ensure is prepared for a summer of use, including chemical balancing and checks for leaks or any issues that could hinder the use of the Hot Tub in the summer to come.

Winter Tub Service

The winter can be a brutal time for your Hot Tub. Water left in the pipework can freeze and expand, causing the pipes to crack leading to major leaks. With our Winter Tub Service we remove the water from the pipes as well as removing and drying the filters. We make sure that your hot tub will be safe throughout the winter months so you don't have to worry.


Gold Tub Service

Our gold package includes everything you would need for your Tub and more! We fully drain the Hot Tub, which allows us to do a full Inspect, Clean and Refit of the Jets, Filters as well as polishing the shell and cover.

Our Services

When you need a service one of our professional installers will come round to inspect the Hot Tub to see what needs fixing. They will then go through the routine by testing the PH, temperature, valves and jets. Finally they will clean the Hot Tub using high quality products to ensure your Hot Tub is in peak condition. Our technicians are BISHTA approved which ensures that they are knowledgable and skilled so your Hot Tubs are in great hands.

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