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  1. #Description#This is a Bypass kit for fitting a heat pump to your swimming pool and allowing you to control the water flow to the heat pump. Whether it's not currently being used or is due for a service this setup helps you isolate your heat pump.

  2. #Specification#
    • 2 x PVC T-Piece 50mm 16bar

    • 4 x PVC Tube 50mm 10cm 10bar

    • 3 x PVC Ball Valve 50mm 16bar

    • 4 x SS Hose Clamp 32 x 44mm

    • 4 x ABS Hose Tail White 50 x 32mm / 38mm

    • 1 x Griffon PVC Glue, Type T-88 0.1L

    • 1 x Griffon Cleaner 125ml



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