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Hot Tub & Spa Cleaning Chemicals

Make your Spa or Hot Tub sparkle. Destroy the bacteria and wipe away that dirt and grime easier than ever!
Fi-Clor Water Clarifier 1L
£ 19.99
Keep the water as clear as the sky with Fi-Clor Spa Water Cleaner. When water becomes lacklustre add Water Clarifier it gathers up the small dirt particles until they can be trapped in the filter. Dose directly into the spa and keep the circulation running, wait 10 minutes and you can jump back in!
Kleen Pool Longlife Algaecide
£ 19.90
A popular dual-action algaecide
Remains active for up to 6 months
Long-life copper based formula
Popular as a Winteriser
1ltr will treat up to 6,200 gallons
Blue Horizons Rapid Liquid Floc 1L
£ 18.49
A fast-acting alternative to traditional floc granules
Settles debris to the pool floor for easy removal
Apply directly to pool – no pre-dissolving needed


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