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Hot Tub & Spa Balancing Chemicals

Keep your Spa water crisp and clean by balancing in order to achieve the right mixture for you and your Hot Tub.
Blue Horizons Non-Chlorine Shock 5kg
£ 55.99
Blue Horizons Non-Chlorine Shock can be used to shock dose pools which use all types of chlorine as a sanitiser without boosting chlorine levels.
Blue Horizons PH Minus 7kg
£ 21.99
A granular acid for lowering the pH of pool water
The ideal pool pH level is between 7.2 - 7.6, promoting bather comfort, optimal chemical efficiency and protection of pool plant equipment.
Blue Horizons TA Raiser 5kg
£ 26.90
TA Raiser is a fine, rapid dissolving powder which is used for increasing the total alkalinity of swimming pool water. Apply when total alkalinity falls below 80mg/l (ppm) and then maintain the total alkalinity within the desired range of 80 - 150mg/l (ppm).
Fi-Clor Alkalinity Increaser 1.2KG
£ 18.65
(-15.00%) £ 15.85
Fi-Clor Spa Alkalinity Increaser corrects alkalinity when it falls below 80mg/l (ppm).

Alkalinity is a measure of the total amount of alkali in spa water. If the alkalinity is too low, most chemicals added to the spa will directly affect the water balance leading to rapid fluctuations in pH readings. Alkalinity at the correct level will help protect, or 'buffer' the pH.
Fi-Clor PH & Alkalinity Reducer 2kg
£ 19.79
(-15.00%) £ 16.82
Fi-Clor Spa pH & Alkalinity Reducer correct high levels of pH (above 7.6) or alkalinity (above 160mg/l). High pH and/or alkalinity can lead to problems with cloudy water and scaling of surfaces and pipework. High pH will make chlorine sanitisers less effective and high alkalinity can make it difficult to adjust the pH.
Fi-Clor PH Increaser 1kg
£ 21.99
(-15.00%) £ 18.69
Fi-Clor Spa pH Increaser corrects the pH when it falls below 7.2. Acidic spa water is uncomfortable to bathe in and if left unchanged, can cause corrosion of metal parts and fittings.


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