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Hot Tub Essentials

The accessories you need to keep your Hot Tub in the best shape. Our Scum ducks and dispensers are the best for ensuring your Hot Tub is grime-free and clean! 
Paradise Spa Vacuum
£ 77.50

Featuring an aluminium telescopic pole that extends up to 2.13m, the Paradise Spa Vacuum works without batteries or hoses and easily picks up a range of dirt from the bottom of your spa or hot tub.

Sunbeach Spas Easy Step Tray
£ 24.99
Fits into Easy Step - Top and Bottom segments. Great for holding Chemicals, Towels and other accessories. Convenient and easy to remove. Weatherproof and UV-resistant

Tray Only, Step NOT Included

Sunbeach Spas Standard Pole
£ 10.00
This telescopic pole is 91.44cm/ 36" which makes it great for Hot Tubs and Swim Spas. Its standard connection allows it to be used with brushes and vac heads alike.
Sunbeach Spas Splash Proof Portable Speaker
£ 12.99
Bluetooth connectivity
3-4 Hour playing time
Mic for hands-free phone call functionality
Spash Proof making it perfect for use with a Hot Tub
Sunbeach Spas Portable Wireless Speaker TWS Bluetooth Pairing
£ 24.99
Premium Sound Quality Speakers with TWS Pairing for Great Surround Sound. Compatible with most Bluetooth connected devices with AUX Port for wired connections. 5W Speaker provides High Quality Clear Sound.
Tubhub Deluxe Floating Chlorine & Bromine Dispenser
£ 12.90
The Hubtub Deluxe Floating Dispenser is suitable for both chlorine and bromine. It has 5 settings for easily adjustable dosages and a pop up indicator which shows when the dispenser is empty.
Tubhub Water Wizard Filter Cartridge Cleaner
£ 19.90
The Water Wizard can be easily connected to you garden hose. This handy jet makes short work of cleaning out the debris from your filter, and works perfectly in combination with our new sizzling AquaFinesse filter cleaning tables which boast a perfect clean with only a one hour soak! Dirt, grease and calcium no problem for our AquaFinesse filter cleaning tablets.
Sunbeach Spas Dirt Buster Sponge
£ 4.99
Sunbeach Spa Dirt Buster Sponge removes stains, dirt & scum lines from your hot tub with or without water
Vinyl Repair kit 60ml
£ 14.99
60ml Vinyl Adhesive
140mm x 560mm patch
Adhesive spreader ideal for;
Inflatables, Vinyl Covers, Air Pillows, Water Bags, Vinyl Pool Lingers
Able to cover holes both in and out of water
Vinyl Repair kit 30ml
£ 9.99
1FL OZ (29.6ml) Vinyl Adhesive
152mm x 92mm Patches (Two)
Adhesive spreader
Ideal for Inflatables, Vinyl Covers, Air Pillows, Water Bags, Vinyl Pool Lingers
Sunbeach Spas Spa Duck Scum Sponge
£ 4.99
Cleaning your spa has never been easier or cuter! Sunbeach Spa's Spa Duck can absorb up to 40 times its weight in oils, lotions and cosmetics. The Spa Duck is easy to use just let it float in the water-absorbing the dirt when one side gets too dirty flip it over and then rinse. Spa Duck can also be reused to keep your Spa cleaner for longer.
Sunbeach Spas Round Spa Bar
£ 19.99
Round, easy to use drinks & snacks holder. More compact than standard spa bars but with plenty of room to help keep cans, bottles and snacks close by while relaxing in the hot tub. Ideal for parties because it features 8 cavities of various sizes giving you space for food and drinks, and 2 handles to make sure your snacks stay dry. Designed to either float on the water or sit on the side of the spa so its never in the way. It is packaged in a full-colour box making it perfect for being used on displays.
Sunbeach Spas Pool Noodle
£ 6.80
Noodles are 1.55 metres in length and 6.5 centimetres in width
Solid foam built flotation noodles built to be both durable and flexible
Recommended swimming aid to help with kicking and swimming styles
This listing is for a single noodle only.
Not to be used as a life-saving device
Sunbeach Spas Oval Skimmer
£ 7.49
Oval skimmer designed to quickly remove leaves and other debris, Leaves your pool irresistibly clean! With the lightweight, hydrodynamic design, it will much more user-friendly than other pool skimmers! Works with or without the pole, you can use the skimmer on its own or attach it to a pole. Wide openings to make scooping easier. It is packaged with a full-colour hang card making it easy for you to add to your displays.

Does not include pole
Sunbeach Spas Liner Vac Head
£ 8.99
This vacuum head is perfect for sucking up debris on your swimming pool floor whilst also scrubbing it clean with the built in brushes. Easy to use and simple to fit to your telescopic pole, skimmer or vacuum outlet using the butterfly clip. The Weight of the Vac Head keeps the head at the bottom of the pool leading to maximum cleaning efficiency.


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