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Award-winning, energy-efficient hot tubs and accessories
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  1. #Features#
    Gecko IN.K506 Control Panel

    Gecko's IN.K506 is discreet, compact, and unobtrusively beautiful. Save space without losing out on functions.

    INK506 Control Panel

    With a bright, full colour display, in.k500 keypad is loaded with a large amount of memory and a powerful on-board processor.

    Save time and money with preset water care schedules, giving you options for any situation, from when you’re away from home to using your spa every day, or for when you just want to save energy.

    Lucite Acrylic Shell

    Lucite Acrylic has colour that runs true to the core of the materials itself - no paints, stains or dyes so it's as rich and lustrous years from now as it is today

    Storm Clouds III Acrylic

    A high-energy outburst of greys, from dark to light. The dramatic effect of an approaching eruption from a darkened sky. Exhilarating and dangerous. Always beyond our control.

    R18+ Thermal Lock Insulation

    R18+ uses closed cell foam insulation, full foam open cell, heat reflective wraps and high density side skirts making the best energy efficiency on the market.

    INK1000 Control Panel

    HE Thermal Lock is a reliable thermal insulation solution to lock the heat inside the spa within the cabinet.

    Each Layer of Insulation

    It uses 10mm high density insulation foaming, 8mm spa shell and 100mm soft full foam insulation sprayed on the inside of the spa giving high energy efficiency.

    Double Filtration System

    Oasis have implemented cutting edge technology to fit our spas with a double filtration system.

    Series 3 Filters

    The filters trap dirt and oils when water passes through, this keeps the spa clean and makes the water much more clear.

    Changing Filter

    The double filtering system catches anything that may have slipped through, ensuring you have the safest and healthiest spa while also decreasing the burden on a single filter, which means you won't need to replace it as often.

    Gecko 2

    With Gecko's 2 experience music like never before!

    Series 3 Filters

    The achieves the most vibrant surround sound available with 2 speakers and a subwoofer ensuring you have the best audio quality when in your Hot Tub.

    Series 3 Filters

    Blast your favourite playlist through Bluetooth, USB and Aux connection for easy music streaming or jam out to Heart Radio with 2's FM Radio.

    High Quality Build

    Oasis Spas are built with a high standard of construction, ensuring every Hot Tub the highest quality.

    High Quality Piping

    High quality Food-Grade NSF piping is used with IPS glue and spring clips, this stops bacteria sticking to the inside of pipes keeping your Hot Tub clean.

    A tough build treated timber frame with triple reinforced corners & cross bracing supports is used so your Hot Tub can withstand harsh environments.


    Ozone is formed when 3 Oxygen atoms are connected rather than the normal 2, ozone destroys the bacteria and viruses in the plumbing system.


    Oasis Spas use a long life 50mg O3 Ozone unit with an Easy care CD ozone boost chamber giving ultra clear water.

    Ozone purification is more powerful than standard sanitisers so fewer chemicals are needed to keep your Hot Tub free of bacteria and germs.

  2. #Specification#
    Model Colour:Storm Clouds III
    Size:2120 x 2120 x 930mm
    Empty Weight:391kg
    Filled Weight:1741kg
    Water Capacity:1350L
    Power Supply:32 amp 3kw heater
    Shell:USA Aristech acrylic
    Water pumps:
    Pumps:2 x 3HP
    Circulation:1 x 0.35HP
    Ozonator:1 x 50mg
    Air control valve:2
    Shell Foam Insulation:6 Layer Shell with 10mm High Foam
    Base:15mm High Density Full Foam & 4mm Dual-Aluminium Foil
    Base:Sealed ABS
    Top spa cover:Number locking
    Water jets:
    Jets:Total 45 Chrome & Grey
    2" Fixed therapy jets:14
    2.5" Directional hydro therapy jets:10
    3" Rotary therapy jets:7
    3" Directional hydro therapy jets:4
    4" Rotary therapy jets:8
    5" Rotary therapy jets:1
    5.5" Directional hydro therapy jets:1
    LED Perimeter lights:Yes
    Sound System:2 Speakers & Subwoofer

  3. #Delivery#
    Delivery Options
    We offer delivery to everywhere in mainland UK with prices depending on the distance. If you are unsure whether you are inside our range just go through checkout and if a delivery option is not available you will need to call us.
    Have the perfect spot for a Hot Tub but its hard to get to? Don't worry! Before delivery we will talk to you about the where the Hot Tub will be and will run through our plan to get it there. We have access to specially designed equipment to make this process as easy as possible, we are fully prepared for any situation with our crane and highly trained engineers.
    Our technicians will also show you how the hot tub functions as well as testing the tub to ensure you will have the perfect bathing experience. This includes showing you how to keep the Hot Tub in peak performance with chemicals, cleaning products and balancing. You will also be shown how the Balboa control panel works and all its different functions. Finally, they will fill your Tub up with water so it is ready to go as soon as possible. With lifetime training in-store or telephone 6 days a week and live access to our Facebook training and advice 7 days a week.

    Blue: 60 mile radius
    Red: 100 mile radius
    Mainland: 100+ radius
    (Excluding Northen Ireland and other off shore locations)
    Our Area

  4. #Warranty#
    HE Warranty Plan Timeline


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