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Up, Up and Away

Up, Up and AwayTricky day today as the Hot Tub we delivered wouldn't be able to be installed using our Hot Tub Pallets. We always come prepared though, so our crane was able to help out! The crane was operated by one of our highly skilled technicians and they lifted the Hot Tub above the house and then lowered it onto the back garden where the customer wanted it. It was trickier than first thought but as always our brilliant team had the Hot Tub in place and working before dinner.
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New Year! New Products! New Features!

New Year, New ways to relax and have fun! We have many new things coming this year so keep your eyes peeled, for now though its time to relax before the new year begins.

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How is hard water affectiing your Hot Tub?

60% of the water in the UK is classifed as hard. This not only affects your tea and coffee but also seriously affects your Hot Tub water! Hard Water can be more easy for scale and dirt to form making your water less clean and less safe. Hard Waters affects can be lessened by using quality filters and chemicals which reduce how dirty your water can get. Here is a video showing the areas and their quality of water, if you are in one of these areas consider buying more quality chemicals to keep your Hot Tub safe.
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