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Life Spa Hot Tub Dispenser
£ 11.48
Make sure your spa is germ-free with Life Spa Hot Tub Dispenser! Using an adjustable cap it ensures that the spa is getting the correct amount of chlorine/bromine and also can lock in place to keep the tablets secure. Put the tablets in the dispenser and let it float in the water, to get a faster feed rater to turn the dispenser upside down to expose the tablets to air before turning it again.
Life Booster Seat
£ 14.99
Comfy and attractive
Heat resistant material
Suction cups prevent seat floating and moving
Filled by a garden hose
To ensure these remain stable please ensure these seats are filled with water rather than air
Life Plastic Playing Cards
£ 7.50
Play poker in the pool!
All 52
100% Waterproof
Comes with protective case
Life Spa Bar
£ 13.99
To ensure you don't have to leave your guests to enjoy your spa on their own, the Floating Spa Bar allows you to stock up on food and drink for the rest of the party! With 8 cavities of varying sizes, this inflatable food and drink holder lets you keep cans and bottles of drink, and plenty of snacks close at hand!
Life Spa Scoop
£ 13.45
Easy to use hand-held net
Ideal for extracting leaves and debris
Non-scratch rubber edge technology
Suitable for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs
UV stabilised
Net size: 23cm diameter, 37.5cm from top to bottom


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