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Fi-Clor Chlorine Granules 1.2KG
£ 26.39
(-15.00%) £ 22.43
The easy way to sanitise water! Fi-Clor's chlorine granules rapidly dissolve in the water killing harmful bacteria. Fast acting and very effective.
Fi-Clor Hardness Increaser 1kg
£ 20.34
(-15.00%) £ 17.29
Fi-Clor Spa Hardness Increaser is used to raise the calcium hardness level in spa water. Calcium hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in pool water. If there is insufficient dissolved calcium, it will be difficult to balance the water - there could also be grout loss in tiled spas. High levels are not a major cause for concern provided the pH and alkalinity are within recommended parameters, but the reading should be kept below 750mg/l (ppm) if possible.
Fi-Clor Brominating Granules 1kg
£ 25.29
(-15.00%) £ 21.50
Fi-Clor Spa Brominating Granules are formulated to provide comfortable bathing conditions as well as being a powerful sanitiser. They may be used to boost the sanitiser level when using bromine tablets or on their own as a day to day treatment. Rapidly dissolves to kill potentially harmful bacteria and other organisms.
ClearWater Qik Tabs 486g 180 x 2.7g
£ 18.59
(-15.00%) £ 15.80
QIK Tabs are a great aid in ensuring that an accurate chlorine balance is achieved in your pool or hot tub. Quick to dissolve, the QIK Tabs are ideally suited to a chemical floater, as the chlorine flow can be adjusted. QIK Tabs also have a minimal effect on pH levels compared other forms of chlorine.
Fi-Clor Anti-Scale 1L
£ 24.74
(-15.00%) £ 21.03
Prevent the formation of scale on your spa with Fi-Clor Anti Scale. Anti Scale reduces scale formation and is compatible with all filters. Does the spa with Anti-Scale where there is good water movement, wait 10 minutes and then you can jump back in!
Fi-Clor Cartridge Cleaner 1L
£ 20.89
(-15.00%) £ 17.76
Fi-Clor Spa Cartridge Filter Cleaner enables you to chemically clean the filter. Grease, oil and trapped debris are removed, thus restoring the filter to optimum efficiency.
Restores filter efficiency.
Removes grease, oil and trapped debris from the filter.
Fi-Clor Surface Cleaner 1L
£ 32.99
(-15.00%) £ 28.04
Make your spa shine with Fi-Clor Spa Surface Cleaner. Surface Cleaner makes it easy to clean dirt suncream and grease along the water line. Just splash water on the surface of the spa, wipe with Surface Cleaner and after waiting 10 minutes you can jump back in!
Fi-Clor Water Clarifier 1L
£ 21.99
(-15.00%) £ 18.69
Keep the water as clear as the sky with Fi-Clor Spa Water Cleaner. When water becomes lacklustre add Water Clarifier it gathers up the small dirt particles until they can be trapped in the filter. Dose directly into the spa and keep the circulation running, wait 10 minutes and you can jump back in!
Fi-Clor Alkalinity Increaser 1.2KG
£ 18.65
(-15.00%) £ 15.85
Fi-Clor Spa Alkalinity Increaser corrects alkalinity when it falls below 80mg/l (ppm).

Alkalinity is a measure of the total amount of alkali in spa water. If the alkalinity is too low, most chemicals added to the spa will directly affect the water balance leading to rapid fluctuations in pH readings. Alkalinity at the correct level will help protect, or 'buffer' the pH.
Fi-Clor PH & Alkalinity Reducer 2kg
£ 19.79
(-15.00%) £ 16.82
Fi-Clor Spa pH & Alkalinity Reducer correct high levels of pH (above 7.6) or alkalinity (above 160mg/l). High pH and/or alkalinity can lead to problems with cloudy water and scaling of surfaces and pipework. High pH will make chlorine sanitisers less effective and high alkalinity can make it difficult to adjust the pH.
Fi-Clor PH Increaser 1kg
£ 21.99
(-15.00%) £ 18.69
Fi-Clor Spa pH Increaser corrects the pH when it falls below 7.2. Acidic spa water is uncomfortable to bathe in and if left unchanged, can cause corrosion of metal parts and fittings.


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