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Blue Horizons Chlorine Granules 2kg
£ 17.44
A traditional easy to dose chlorine granule
Stabilised to minimise chlorine loss to sunlight
Rapid Dissolving
Blue Horizons Chlorine Granules 5kg
£ 31.99
A traditional easy to dose chlorine granule
Stabilised to minimise chlorine loss to sunlight
Rapid Dissolving
Blue Horizons Multifunctional 200g Chlorine Tablets 2kg
£ 34.95
A long lasting, multifunctional 200g chlorine tablet.
High chlorine content - economical.
Stabilised to minimise chlorine loss to sunlight.
Enhanced with a clarifier & algae inhibitor for sparkling clear water.
Blue Horizons Bromine Tablets 5kg
£ 64.45
A popular alternative to chlorine.
Apply via a bromine feeder or floating dispenser.
Slow release 20g tablet for long lasting disinfection.
Low odour, so ideal for indoor pools.
Works efficiently over a wide pH range.
Blue Horizons Chlorine Reducer 1kg
£ 15.69
Reduces chlorine and bromine
Fast acting crystal
Problem solver
Blue Horizons Rapid Dissolving Chlorine Stabiliser Granules 2kg
£ 24.49
UV protection for chlorine in the granular form
Fast dissolving
Use in outdoor pools
Blue Horizons Algae Controller 500ML
£ 9.94
Blue Horizons Algae Controller is one of the most popular products for algae prevention. This copper-free algaecide is dosed weekly ensuring your pool is free of many types of algae.
Blue Horizons Aqua Sparkle Tablets 500g
£ 16.59
These popular easy to apply 50g floc tablets should be used weekly to prevent hazy water or alternatively applied if water clarity is poor. Use with sand filters only and apply via a clean and empty skimmer basket. Aqua Sparkle Tabs work in conjunction with the sand filter to remove fine particles from the swimming pool, helping you achieve crystal clear water.
Blue Horizons Granular Floc 2kg
£ 18.49
Settles unwanted debris to pool floor.
A traditional problem solver.
Aids in the removal of algae.
Blue Horizons Granular Shock 2kg
£ 32.99
A traditional stabiliser-free granular shock. Destroys swimmer wastes and helps prevent/kill algae. Stabiliser-free.
Blue Horizons Granular Shock Pot 1kg
£ 12.99
These traditional stabiliser free shock chlorine granules are ideal to help purge pool water of bather wastes and can also be used to prevent and destroy algae. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Blue Horizons Granular Shock has a high chlorine content, making it the ideal product for pool water problem-solving.
Blue Horizons Summerclear 2L
£ 12.89
A long-life copper-free algaecide
Prevents algae growth for up to 3 months
Compatible with a wide range of sanitisers
Blue Horizons Ultimate Winter Time 5L
£ 21.99
A copper-free winter algaecide
Built-in stain control for added protection
Compatible with a wide range of sanitisers
Treats pools up to 15,000 gallon
Blue Horizons Waterline Cleaning Paste 350G
£ 13.95
A highly effective waterline cleaning paste
Helps to remove grease and dirt, promoting bacteria-free surfaces
Supplied with a sponge applicator
Compatible with many pool surfaces
Kleen Pool Longlife Algaecide
£ 17.80
A popular dual-action algaecide
Remains active for up to 6 months
Long-life copper based formula
Popular as a Winteriser
1ltr will treat up to 6,200 gallons


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